We aim to improve the world school by school

Our mission is to help children everywhere in the world benefit from an innovative approach that provides personalised education for all.

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Our values

We want to help shape a new model of education and learning for the 21st century.

Learning together

We accompany participants on a path of group learning and interactive processes.


We seek alternative ways to lead and empower the educational community to be the prime movers of their own transformation.

We provide open knowledge

We provide valuable open knowledge in a variety of formats deliverable to society, politicians, and educational institutions.

We believe in the benefits of networks

We build bridges by mapping and bringing together different agents. Fostering relationships, activities and projects that have a positive impact on the educational field.


How did Escuela21 start?

In 2013, Alfredo Hernando created the Escuela21 project, a laboratory of educational innovation that travels the world with the goal of identifying, communicating, and replicating the best international practices to be found at the leading innovative schools.

It is a journey that over the past few years has granted him a set of singular experiences with more than 100 teams of teachers from all the continents. From Montevideo to San Francisco, from Denmark to Sydney… He has set in motion networks, projects, publications, and comprehensive accompaniment programs at schools while sharing, discussing, building, and learning via networks and online.

His book, ‘Journey to a 21st Century Education’, with more than a million downloads, has become a key work to addressing the improvement of educational quality.

alfredo hernando escuela21

Meet our team

Alfredo Hernando

Founder & CEO

Ana Municio

Director of Educational Innovation

Carmen González

Coordinator of Teacher Development

Azucena Vázquez

Director of Digital Transformation

Rocio Espina

Manager of B2B Projects
Alba Sotillo

Alba Sotillo

Coordination and educational support
Isabel Andrade responsable crecimiento

Isabel Andrade

Responsible for the growth

Amaia Maguregui

Graphic Design and Visual Identity
David Fernández escuela21 banuka estudio

David Fernández

Head of Marketing and Communications
Sofia Genta E21

Sofía Genta

Erasmus coordinator & trainer
Alexandra de Santos

Alexandra de Santos

Teaching support team
Amelia Labrador

Amelia Labrador

Teaching support team
Sandra Lopez Iraeta Coordinadora de Proyectos Educativos y Formadora

Sandra López Iraeta

Coordinator of Educational Projects and Trainer

Our network of collaborators

We work with a large team of collaborators, trainers, and experts with proven experience in education, spread throughout Spain and Latin America, including:

Paloma Trullén, Carmen Iglesias, Josep Ramon Planas, Lara Crespo, Javier Bronchalo, Fran Quesada, Isidro Vidal, Loli García, Amelia Labrador, Alexandra de Santos, Mario M. Hernández, Mª Victoria Lumbreras, Jesús Barrientos, Lucía López, Ana Mª Martínez, Charo Fernández, Mar Sánchez, Paloma Moruno, Haybad López, José Alberto Ramírez, Siro López, Esther Subias, Carme Rovira, Miguel Costa, Nélida Zaitegi, Henar Rodríguez, Juan de Vicente Abad, Amparo Jiménez, Rosa Llorente or Alesandra Tajes.


Welcome to our head office in Vienna

With our head office based in Vienna, we also have coordination points in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Salamanca, and other Spanish cities.