Comprehensive accompaniment to schools and educational centre networks

Through our program of comprehensive accompaniment and transformation, we offer the tools and necessary support for your educational project to reach all its potential.

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Start your transformation process by opening a door to the world

Escuela21 has visited more than 200 innovative schools around the world for the past ten years.

We are experts in identifying and analysing the educational best practices to understand what makes them exceptional.

Thanks to the work of the international and local analysis, we are able to study the necessities and to understand the potential of each school to personalise its growth and improvement path.

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‘Innovative Schools and Creative Families’ and ‘A Journey to the 21st Century Education’ with more than a million downloads worldwide and translated into English, French and Portuguese, are two of the guides that bring the learnings of the Escuela21’s journey together around the world to get closer to the most innovative educational practices.



Grow with us

We design a specific process in which we accompany teachers, families, and directors to make the vision and the improvement of their educational project a reality.

Design and conceptualisation


e have our own tool of school culture evaluation to define the starting point, determining strengths and necessities from an appreciative glance.


We generate a report with the unique profile of each school to achieve a better understanding of their growth opportunities.


We are members of the Recognized Group of Innovation and Digital Education (EduDIG) of the Faculty of Education of the University of Salamanca, which academic support allows us to improve our model of accompaniment and to put faith on new R&D projects.

Growth and learning

ontextualised practice

We focus on the real challenges of the classroom to integrate new routines in everyday life and to achieve the school culture transformation.

Adapted design

We mobilise learning through digital and face-to-face laboratories specialised by stages and in a living process that we adapt to the necessities of each group.

Rich formats

We design varied sessions: participatory laboratories, conversations with experts and mentors, exchanges of good practices, video gymkhana, escape games, mentoring, facilitation, cocreation workshops...

Tracking and care

We visit teachers in the classroom and make the institutional change effective with interviews and guided processes of observation, analysis, and reflection.

Accompaniment and creativity

Shared leadership

We offer our services to institutional leaders by synchronising calendars and strategies with follow-up meetings and formative sessions on demand to make our team theirs, and to make their project ours.


We implied in the meetings with families and other agents of the community to work together and to explain with proximity the process of transformation and improvement.


We pay special attention when making the presentation of evidences and generate audiovisual products with a careful design to share them in the community.


We demonstrate the progress of learning by supporting clear and shared commitments that are integrated from beginning to end in the process with sessions dedicated to the celebration of evidences.

Growth and extent


Are there any schools in your network that do not have the necessary resources? We design scholarships for centres in context of need that can benefit from the process at no cost.


We organise a week of unique learning at out headquarters in Vienna that includes visits to innovating schools, workshops, and conversations with international experts. Pack your bags, we cover the expenses and the accommodation.

Flexible Management

We adapt our economic proposal to the deadlines and the possibilities of each institution. We work with split payments, training credit or sponsorships, ensuring the maximum efficiency on each investment.

'I have the honour to know and work with Alfredo Hernando and Escuela21 for more than 15 years. Ever since he decided to start his 'Journey to the 21st Century Education' and his later projects, he has continued to inspire us with his investigations, presentations and workshops, and collaborating as a tutor in the creation of our most important innovation programs: 'Teachers for the Change and the Innovation', 'Teachers in Action', and '#profesinnovadores' (innovative teachers), in which he has trained more than 20,000 teachers and managers.'
Irene Arrimadas
Director or the Department of Pedagogical Innovation of Escuelas Católicas


Transform your school culture with a deep process

The combination of tools, moments, mood, times, spaces, and people, create a shared culture by educators, families, and students that ends up having an impact on what we understand by learning.

We help you design a plan as a starting point of a deep process of transformation based on the understanding of the real culture of your centre.

Benefits of the process

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