Our purpose is to improve the world from school to school

We work with the leaders of educational change

Foundations and companies

We develop educational transformation projects with companies and foundations that seek to promote an inclusive, innovative and quality education as an engine of progress and social welfare.

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Governments and administrations

We design, implement and evaluate educational transformation and teaching professionalisation projects in collaboration with state and regional governments.

Acompañamiento integral para la transformación educativa de escuelas y redes de escuelas escuela21

Schools and networks of education centres

Through our program of comprehensive accompaniment and transformation, we offer the tools and necessary support for your educational project to reach all its potential.


Those who have trusted us

We create impact in collaboration with organizations that seek to promote an inclusive, innovative, and quality education as an engine of progress and social welfare.

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Explore our successful cases

Santillana Foundation
Santillana Foundation
The School to Come
Telefonica Foundation
Telefonica Foundation

Connect and collaborate with schools and experts from around the world, solve common challenges, keep up to date of educational innovation, and become a reference education centre in your region.