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B2 level Teacher Training in Digital Competence for the Regional Government of Andalucía


B2 level Teacher Training in Digital Competence for the Regional Government of Andalucía

Key to our pupils flourishing in today's society is their expertise in digital competence. It Is not enough to have some rudimentary knowledge in the daily use of technologies, instead pupils must be able use them to further their ongoing learning and to do so from a critical standpoint, based on ethics, welfare and digital solidarity. In order to supervise the pupils in their development of these teachings, educators need to be digitally competent.

This course aims to guide the teachers in the development of their digital competence, to enable them to implement real changes in the classroom. To achieve this, training is divided into three modules, which, by means of performing a variety of tasks, guides teachers along a path that encounters all of the different areas included in the reference framework the B2 level of teacher training in digital competence.

Escuela21 has been called upon by the Ministry of Educational Development and Professional Training of the Regional Government of Andalusia, to carry out the following activities:

  • Design a 100-hour online training course to certify B2 level in the reference framework of digital competence in education. The course is delivered asynchronously on the Ministry's Moodle platform, and complemented by 6 synchronous online sessions via videoconference.
  • Creation of materials, activities, evaluation tools and criteria.
  • B2 level digital competence tutoring for 90 digital transformation advisors, who will turn into future tutors for teaching staff in Andalusia, in line with a cascaded training model.

We take care of

Design and conceptualization of projects
Design, organization and creation of educational materials
Tracking and evaluation of processes
Training and facilitation


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