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Learning Environments

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Learning Environments

The Learning Environments are a pedagogical framework developed by Alfredo Hernando. This framework promotes a plural vision of education in which each student can choose their own learning paths and discover challenges and space for themselves using the principles of independence and self-regulation.

The Learning Environments provide teachers with a methodology which, by combining multiple intelligences and Bloom's taxonomy, supports the design of personalized educational experiences adapted to the students’ needs. Currently, this teaching aid has been adopted and implemented by thousands of educators around the world.

The Learning Environments have been documented in a guide developed with the support of the Community of Madrid. This guide aims to help navigate the creation of learning environments and includes several sections: frameworks and learning environments, programming by multiple intelligences, Bloom's taxonomy, personalized paths, storytelling and gamification.

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We take care of

Design and conceptualization of projects
Design, organization and creation of educational materials
Training and induction
Production and publication of reports and documentation


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