The School of Creativity

Alfredo Hernando con profesores en el proyecto "La Escuela de la creatividad" de acción magistral y escuela21


The School of Creativity

The School of Creativity 2019 is a unique and different formative proposal promoted by Acción Magistral, which puts the spotlight on learning and teaching creativity at the stage of compulsary education. It is aimed at teachers and other professionals and employs a methodology that is practical, participatory, effective, and innovative. A practical guidebook containing the world’s best approaches that seek to transform education together based on evidence obtained from research carried out in 'Escuelas innovadoras y familias creativas (Innovative Schools and Creative Families)'.

A comprehensive model is presented that embraces both learning and teaching of creativity at schools and in collaboration with families. This model consists of:

  • A theoretical framework based on recent research that defines and identifies the components of creativity and shows in detail how we learn to be creative.
  • A systemic and systematized proposal of concrete tasks based on the most successful approaches of innovative schools around the world. These approaches outline tried-and-tested ways of making education in institutions creative within the current curriculum and legislation.

We take care of

Design and conceptualization of projects
Mapping of participants
Design, organization and creation of educational materials
Dynamization, coordination and management
Training and induction
Production and publication of reports and documentation
Communication and cirulation
Process tracking and evaluation




entrevista a alfredo hernando en el marco del proyecto la escuela de la creatividad de acción magistral
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'The School of Creativity has caused me a need to train in my students that curiosity to build new creative processes'.
CRIE Zamora
'We wanted to focus on developing the competence of creativity with teachers who are already creative and also work on classroom innovation too'.
Vanessa de la Cruz
'The School of Creativity was a gift. When we opened this gift, we discovered fantastic teachers who are already doing wonders for the school. It reminded us that everyone is creative and that when we put ourselves obstacles to that creativity, anything is possible, anywhere or under any circumstances. It was a gift to feed the curiosity, the hope, and the desire to build together the school we dream of'.
Amelia Labrador
Highschool teacher
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