Design of learning spaces

O espaço como elemento transformador da aprendizagem

In this course you will learn to design educational spaces that favour reflective thinking, interaction, teamwork, shared learning, personalization and inclusivity.

Design of learning spaces
6 x 2-hour sessions

School leaders


Learning spaces

Course description

Modern education has undergone significant changes, and the space where learning happens has an impact on the wellbeing and performance of both teaching staff and pupils, something that directly affects the teaching-learning process. New designs for these spaces favour reflective thinking, interaction, teamwork, shared learning, personalization and inclusivity, which fosters the use of active methodologies in which the student body and its learning process are the main actors.

  • Exploring and experimenting with the use of space as an educational resource.
  • The pedagogical origins which inspired the use of various spaces for the development of active methodologies.
  • Understanding the use of innovative space to improve motivation in pupils, teachers and the school community as a whole.
  • The impact of space on learning processes.
  • Beyond the classroom: other analogical and digital spaces for learning.
  • The keys to redesigning existing spaces to convert them into learning spaces.
  • Examples of good practice.


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