Using reflective thinking

Como construir conhecimento a partir da sua própria experiência docente? Aprender com a própria prática

How to build knowledge based on one's own teaching experience? Learn from one's own practice?

Using reflective thinking course
In person, Online
6 x 2-hour sessions


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Course description

Every day in our work as teachers we need to make hundreds of problem-solving decisions, adjust expectations, personalize experiences… on many occasions we're not fully aware of this, but they are based on moments of situational thinking to fix something that isn't going well, or not in the way we would like it to go.

This course invites you to go from quick situational thinking to reflective thinking which converts your personal experience into knowledge. It seeks to transform your daily practice into a research process rather than one of application, thereby helping your development as a fully aware teacher ready to learn from his or her own practice.

  • Understanding the importance of reflective thinking practice for the development of teaching skills.
  • Showing teaching staff how to traverse the ongoing spiral of action - reflective thinking - action
  • Providing teaching staff with a methodology which improves their ability to properly manage a classroom: the contextualization and complexity of quick decision making in unpredictable circumstances.
  • Increasing professionality via methodological preparation in order to innovate and explore based on one's own teaching experience.
  • Reflective thinking based on educational practice: learning and commitment of reflective teaching staff.
  • Working models of experience-aware practice: critical incidents, R4, R5, Gibbs Model, Kolb's experience-based learning, etc.
  • Problem solving via thinking in action.
  • The practical know-how upholding every professional teaching action.


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