How to lead transformation processes at schools

Como gerir os processos de transformação no meu centro? O papel chave do líder para que as coisas aconteçam

How can I manage transformation processes at my school? In this course we will analyse the role of a leader which is key to bringing about real change at schools.

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6 x 2-hour sessions

School leaders



Course description

If there is something that really characterizes the 21st century it is the processes of change. Schools face great challenges to adapt to these changes brought by society, education laws, new knowledge about learning, etc. At these times the leader has to understand their role and develop a variety of leadership abilities, namely: vision, motivation, empowerment, values, inspiration, awareness, action, emotion and trust.

School leaders drive and dynamize the teamwork of teaching staff, which makes it possible for systemic educational change to happen with the participation and involvement of the whole educational community. In this way, the management team’s educational vision, the teachers’ commitment, the pupils playing the main role and collaboration from families, are key to a successful transformation being set in motion at schools.

This course will equip you to be a proactive leader in transformation processes at your school.

  • Identifying key aspects in transformation processes at schools.
  • Practicing a way of listening that facilitates communication and teamwork.
  • Reflecting on the health of our teams, identifying any dysfunctions that might block commitment and results.
  • Understanding the role of a leader in change processes at schools.
  • Managing change:
    • The 7 leadership roles in innovation processes.
    • Change management models: Kotter, Kübler-Ross...
    • Managing resistance to change.
  • Collaborative leadership: The power of the team.
    • Obstacles to teamwork: cognitive bias.
    • The 5 dysfunctions affecting teams.
    • Understanding the members of my team: DISC Methodology.
    • Creativity techniques for teamwork: 6 hats, SCAMPER…
  • Effective meetings.
  • Processes of change and relations with families.


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