Designing learning situations

In this course we will guide you and provide you with tools for designing learning situations with the aim of obtaining memorable learning experiences for our pupils.

Designing learning situations course
6 x 2-hour sessions

Teachers of all educational levels


Learning situations

Course description

The new Spanish education law LOMLOE focusses on developing pupils’ skills by means of learning situations, and especially on the curricular aspect of the teacher-learning process of the practice. In this course teachers will learn to design learning situations and to implement them in the classroom. Learning situations employ an active methodology which personalizes learning, puts pupils at the centre of the teaching-learning process and has a commitment to facing the challenges of the 21st century. Building learning situations from real situations allows a question or an intriguing enigma to be posed in the classroom which infuses the act of learning with more meaning.

  • Designing learning situations with skills linked to all areas, subjects or areas at different levels of education.
  • Connecting features of the LOMLOE curriculum to learning situations: exit profiles, key skills, descriptors, specific competences, assessment criteria and basic know-how.
  • Designing didactic sequences with skill tasks in a Learning Situation.
  • What are the benefits brought by learning situations to education skills for our pupils?
  • Structure, elements and characteristics of a learning situation.
  • How to programme and design learning situations.
  • How to assess learning situations.
  • Using digital tools in learning situations.
  • UDL (Universal Design for Learning) principles applied to learning situations.


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