A strategy to foster inclusion and improve learning.

In this course you will learn, among other things, strategies to improve team work and to stimulate reflective thinking practice as well as building synergies with other teachers and professionals in education.

Co-teaching_ A strategy to foster inclusion and improve learning Course
6 x 2-hour sessions

Teachers of all educational levels
School leaders
Future teachers



Course description

Co-teaching is a methodological strategy which allows for awareness of classroom diversity and at the same time for a peer learning experience for teachers, which translates into a positive impact on the individualization of learning processes, meaning a more flexible response to pupils’ needs and characteristics, and in consequence, improved attainment of objectives, performance and social skills. It provides a dynamic, well-planned collaborative model for teachers.

Shared teaching is key to organizing interdisciplinary learning in various fields and for improving inclusion at schools: it facilitates an awareness of diversity in the classroom and in groups, it allows for learning from and with other teachers, it improves classroom organization and fosters changes to educational methodologies.

  • Becoming familiar with the characteristics of co-teaching from the point of view of planning, analysing advantages and difficulties of implementing this approach, and exploring more fully the different formats in which it can be organized.
  • Applying various co-teaching tools for planning, implementing and assessing a co-teaching experience in the classroom.
  • Designing a realistic and practical collaboration framework to start to organize co-teaching.
  • Co-teaching: what, how and why?
  • Planning, coordination and assessment in co-teaching.
  • Co-teaching tools and resources.
  • Co-teaching testimonials and good practice at a variety of schools.


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