Regional Ministry of Education of Castille-La Mancha

Design and Implementation of Training in Teacher Digital Competence (TDC)

Formación con profesores de escuelas de castilla la mancha impartida por escuela21


Design and Implementation of Training in Teacher Digital Competence (TDC)

The Spanish Ministry of Education and Professional Training, via the Dirección General de Evaluación y Cooperación Territorial, has set in motion a programme to Improve Digital Competence in Education, #DigCompEdu (21-22), which is part of the framework of Component 19 of the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RFF).

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to develop pupils' digital competence by means of improving teachers' digital competence.

This is achieved by improving educators’ digital competence (both individual teachers and staff) and by transforming schools into digitally competent educational centres.

Escuela21 designs and collaborates in the programme's coordination, in which more than 1000 teachers have participated, carrying out the following activities:

  • Building training plans for all teaching staff with the aim of improving Educational Digital Competence and obtaining a B1 level.
  • Developing educational training activities for all teaching staff.
  • Developing materials, procedures, evaluation tools and qualification criteria to certify a B1 level in Digital Competence in Education.

We take care of

Design and conceptualization of projects
Dynamization, coordination and management
Design, recovery, and creation of educational materials
Tracking and evaluation of processes
Training and facilitation


Regional Ministry of Education of Castille-La Mancha


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