“Las clases” (The classes)

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“Las clases” (The classes)

September 2020. The public school Ramiro Soláns reopens classes after six months of lockdown. The school and the Oliver district, one of the humblest in Zaragoza, face the most exceptional school year they have ever known. Avoiding the infection of Covid-19 is the main concern, but teachers mainly fear the impact that the pandemic will have on the learning and emotional development of their students. Health measures are soon effective and as the term advances, it is evident that the main challenges of the centre are others.

Does the school really work as a social elevator? If the school takes care of the district, who takes care of the school? Will the experience of the pandemic serve to reduce inequalities? These are some radical questions that go through a time biased by all kinds of economic and cultural gaps.

The Fundación Cotec promotes innovation as engine of economic and social development. The idea of producing 'Las clases' appeared in 2020, at the same time as the educational innovation project, 'School Comes First'. In the beginning, Cotec only wanted to document how a public school was organized to face such an atypical school year, and more specifically, they intended to observe the answers that innovation was offering to the numerous problems and uncertainties that then lurked in the school community.

The choice of a director with his own glance, Orencio Boix, and the unique characteristics of the chosen school, the CEIP Ramiro Soláns, increased and enriched from the same shooting the original objectives of the project. The final result invites reflection on the role of the public school in today's society, on what is expected from it and on what help is offered to achieve it.

The pandemic was revealed, as well as a great opportunity to know closely the reality of many schools in Spain, a reality that compromises the economic and social future of the country, and that also requires an innovative approach by all the sectors involved.

Filmmaking, script and editing: Orencio Boix. Executive Production: Juan J. Gómez. Production: Cotec. Photography: Sebastián Vanneuville. Original music: Javier Aquilué. Direct sound: Raúl Ansón.

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estreno del documental las clases de fundación cotec y escuela21
estreno del documental las clases fundación cotec escuela21
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