Digital competence for teachers

Acompanhe os seus alunos para aprenderem mais e melhor com tecnologias

In this course you will learn how to develop your digital competence in order to integrate digital tools and resources in the classroom, foster inclusion and the personalization of learning, and enrich evaluation processes for pupils.

Digital competence for teachers Course
40 - 70 hours

Teachers of all educational levels


Digital competence

Course description

Our pupils' needs are affected by the right to be digitally competent, since only in this manner will they be able to develop fully in a society in which technology is omnipresent.  And in order for the student body to be accompanied in the development of their digital competence, teachers need to have acquired these skills previously. In this course teaching staff can show and develop their digital competence in accordance with the reference framework of educational digital competence selected, and by means of designing materials and activities ready to be directly applied in the classroom.

This training is designed to be given online and it combines:

  • Asynchronous online work, in the company of a team of tutors who will dynamize the course, resolve doubts and give personalized feedback for each of the activities designed.
  • Six synchronous sessions held over video conference, each of them with a duration of one and a half hours, in which the activities to be worked on will be introduced, the course content explored more deeply and any doubts clarified.

In addition to this, it will be possible to adapt the training to the specific needs of participating individuals or institutions in order to contemplate other formats, such as including face-to-face sessions or a mixture of the former with online ones.

In accordance with the resolution dated on the 1st July 2022, reached by the Dirección General de Evaluación y Cooperación Territorial, which published the Agreement of the Sectorial Education Conference about certification, credits and recognition of digital competence in education, the duration of courses for each level has been set in the following manner:

  • A1. 40 hours
  • A2. 50 hours
  • B1. 60 hours
  • B2. 70 hours
  • Developing teachers’ digital competence by means of designing activities and resources which, when implemented in the classroom, will enrich pupils’ learning experience.
  • Designing teaching and learning processes via the use of digital tools and resources which empower pupils.
  • Fostering incorporation of technology and active methodologies in the classroom, favouring inclusion, personalization and the development of pupils’ digital competence.
  • Learning how to select, create, modify and share digital resources while respecting licenses and developer’s rights.
  • Integrating digital technologies as opportunities for enriching assessment processes.
  • Teachers' professional commitment to using digital technologies related to communication, organization, collaboration, coordination, reflective thinking, ongoing professional development and digital safety, protection, privacy and wellbeing.
  • Searching for, selecting, creating, modifying, protecting, managing and sharing digital content.
  • Design of teaching and learning processes focussing on students and the integration of digital technology.
  • Empowering the student body by means of inclusion, personalization, and active learning via the use of digital technology.
  • Improving pupils’ digital competence.
  • Design and implementation of assessment processes and feedback with the use of digital technology.


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