Learning landscapes

This course sets out to teach you how to design customized educational scenarios for each individual pupil, combining comprehension activities and symbolic worlds, and fostering pupils’ imaginations and motivation to learn.

Learning landscapes Course
6 x 2-hour sessions

Teachers of all educational levels
School leaders
Future teachers


Learning landscapes

Course description

Learning Landscapes brings a pedagogical approach which combines several methodological and curricular layers to offer a personalized learning experience. A tool that allows us to build customized educational scenarios for each of our pupils, combining comprehension activities and symbolic worlds to foster and utilize pupils’ imaginations to learn. In this manner, each pupil, or each group of pupils, will freely explore the landscape that we have designed for them by discovering for themselves the information and activities we have proposed for them, while at the same time under the effect of their own motivations.

The tool is as powerful as it is interesting, and the teacher can customize not only the materials they wish, but also to suit the personalities and interests of their pupils, being as expansive as they decide. A learning landscape can be useful for a single class with full content or it can be part of a voyage to be undertaken throughout a whole course.

  • Becoming familiar with the pedagogical approach of Learning Landscapes: a didactic model allowing several curricular elements to be worked on and catering to the diversity of our student body.
  • Experiencing Learning Landscapes design which includes multiple intelligences combined with different levels of cognitive performance in accordance with Bloom's taxonomy.
  • Designing a Learning Landscape.
  • Learning personalization.
  • Multiple intelligences and Bloom's taxonomy.
  • Conceptualization of Learning Landscapes with learning customization methodology.
  • Designing a Learning Landscape: storyline, connection with the curriculum, landscape assessment, gamification and digitalization.


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